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APPI Matwork Level 1

Really liked the practical element. Excellent instructor.
Clinically relevant – particularly when brought together with case studies but also referencing slings throughout. Teaching slings earlier on is very beneficial.
Not too much theory. Focus on myofascial slings was really helpful conceptionally.
Elaborating on movement assessment and its relation to exercises was particularly useful.
Clinical reasoning session at the end to consolidate a exercise programme.
Very well presented, the handout of lectures and exercises very clear informative.
Very clearly presented & explained. Mel is an excellent presenter.

APPI – Pilates Equipment Certification

‘I feel much more confident in the reformer exercises and teaching them in the clinical rehab population setting’
‘Very practical, hands on approach to teaching lots of self-practice. Very clear explanation on technical issues with exercises.’
‘I have been very interested in the reformer for some time but the instructor really motivated and inspired me by her teaching method
and in-depth knowledge.’

Special population course participants

‘Fantastic new ideas for my clients. I learned more than I expected in a one day course’ Osteoporosis – Torrance, CA

‘It gave me hope that I can help someone with scoliosis. I didn’t know how much I didn’t know! Excellent Excellent EXCELLENT instructors. You simplified a very confusing topic and taught me skills to manage and treat scoliosis. Again, thank you.’ Scoliosis – Torrance, CA

‘Able to return to the clinic and immediately apply the new info!’ Scoliosis – Torrance, CA

‘I entered this class not really knowing how to treat or evaluate scoliosis as I don’t get many patients. Now I feel confident and comfortable!’ Scoliosis – Downers Grove, IL

‘This was an excellent course. The sport specific Pilates exercises that were used to improve bike postural endurance and overall power were relevant to all levels of cyclist. The instruction was excellent and the amount of movement experience was great!’ Cyclists – San Diego, CA

‘Every bit was valuable!’ Cyclists – San Diego, CA

I liked the very relaxed [atmosphere].

‘I learned so much about pelvic stability and glute activation that I can apply to myself as a runner and to my patients!’ Runners – Nashville, TN

‘This course was presented in a practical and applicable way and which made the sport specific information easy to assimilate and perform.’ Runners – San Diego, CA

‘From working in the field of chronic pain, mainly with the hypermobile population, it was refreshing to take a course with a high level of research, applicable knowledge, and personal experience. It provided a different point of view to help this population achieve their goals. My favorite part about the course, is the way Glenn spoke about the population. They are people and children who are not defined by their illness. Our job is to strengthen their bodies so they can do the activities they want in life, not to restrict them.’ Hypermobility – Online

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