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You may have already heard, but we are now offering all our courses via live-stream!

We have run many Matwork courses over live-stream already and have tried and tested our process to perfect delivering the APPI Method direct to your living rooms.

Livestream Course Options

I love how it incorporates Pilates and PT/rehab and how well it is explained and broken down. I love the visual imagery. I loved Kirsten’s teaching style and energy. I thought Kirsten was excellent!

Nuala H

Lots of opportunities for questions which were answered clearly and comprehensively based on current evidence, professional experience, and knowledge. Kirsten is a wonderful teacher and course instructor. She is clear in her presentation skills and very approachable regarding questions. I also really enjoyed the flow of the course. Doing a course virtually worked really well despite obvious disadvantages of not having direct face to face time with both instructor and other participants, but this was managed really well with the break off groups.

Clare A

Kirsten Roberts was fantastic!! She was extremely composed and knowledgeable. She did an outstanding job of instructing and answering questions. I imagine that doing a streaming version of this course had to be a challenge, but she taught with total grace and expertise! I felt like she was right there with me.

Nicole G

How does it all work?

All of our live-stream courses will run according to our existing schedule, although will instead become live-streamed rather than in-person.

Having booked your space, you will receive information for how to log on to the live-stream via Zoom. Zoom is a free online service for video live-streaming which will you give you instructions to download with just a few clicks

You will receive a full-colour digital manual, although can request a hard-copy too.

Then all you have to do is click on the provided link to join by 9am on the day of your course, from the comfort of home.

Remember to set up a space with a mat to practice along with the presenter or for any demonstrations. Don’t worry, we will let you know about any products needed

You will still receive a full certificate of attendance in the same way as an in-person course

Using Zoom

  1. Click the Zoom link that has been sent
  2. Click ‘Join Meeting’
  3. Download the desktop or device App (free, and very quick)
  4. Test your mic and wait for the host (APPI) to start the Zoom meeting
  5. Enter your name which will appear on screen
  6. Start learning!

The accessibility through livestream was great! I appreciated the easy transition to integrate APPI Pilates principles into my PT practice.

Alexandra T

Kirsten was excellent! So knowledgeable and practical. I felt like I could immediately use what I learned and put it into practice.

Jennifer P

I am fairly new to the Pilates world. I heard different terminology and verbiage with this class than I have heard and anything else I have engaged in. Kirsten Roberts was a phenomenal teacher. Through this course I truly have a different outlook on Pilates and have a greater understanding on how the muscles work together.

Mandy M

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