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APPI provide Pilates Teacher Training Courses.

All of the APPI’s Pilates teacher training courses are available to physical therapists or those with a physical therapy degree equivalent.

A unique benefit of APPI Pilates Training is that you do not have to repeat-learn, but instead use your existing physical therapy knowledge and apply this to the practice of Pilates, efficiently, and without wasting unnecessary time or expense. Courses are taught using the APPI’s unique modified Pilates technique. This technique has been developed specifically for rehabilitation settings. The APPI technique of Pilates instruction ensures that safe and scientifically researched movement patterns are learned. APPI’s Pilates courses can be applied to: Rehab, retraining of alignment, correcting posture, improving range of motion, supporting the spine and for safe sport and strength training. Currently, over 3000 therapists are trained each year by the APPI across our International course providers.

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The Pilates courses offered by the APPI are below:

Matwork Pilates Courses (Back to top)

The Matwork Pilates course consists of three levels and one exam. Each level must be completed before the next to ensure consistent progression.

  • Level 1 is the Foundation Pilates course. The course runs over 2 days.

This is the first course in your Rehabilitation Pilates training. Theory and research on lumbar and pelvic stabilisation is presented. Clinical assessment of the TrA and multifidus muscles is taught. The beginner repertoire of Rehabilitation Pilates movements is also presented within this course.

  • Level 2 is the Pilates Class Instructor course. The course runs over 2 days.

The class instructor course aims to discuss all issues involved in establishing your Pilates programme within your work setting. Assessment, inclusion criteria, outcome measures, advertising and insurance are all important areas which are covered. A new repertoire of warm up and cool down exercises is taught.

  • Level 3 is the Intermediate/Advanced Pilates course. The course runs over 2 days.

Matwork level 3 is the final course in the certification series where intermediate and advanced Rehabilitation Pilates exercises are taught. Higher level scapulo-thoracic and pelvic stabilisation exercises form the core of this course.

  • Matwork Pilates Certification Exam

Upon completion of Matwork level 3 you are eligible to sit your certification exam. The exam is 60 minutes of multiple-choice theory and 30 minutes of practical. The practical part of the exam is carried out in pairs so the duration will be 60 minutes in total.

You will receive full APPI Matwork Certification upon completion of all the levels and Certification Exam.

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Equipment Pilates courses (Back to top)

The Equipment Pilates course consists of four levels and one exam. Each level must be completed before the other course levels can be taken to ensure consistent progression.

With the proven success of Pilates equipment in the rehabilitation of patients, APPI equipment courses are now more popular than ever. As with our Matwork series the APPI Equipment series comes from the unique standpoint of being developed specifically for a rehabilitation setting. The majority of hospitals and clinics now incorporate equipment into their treatment of patients and so it is essential for rehabilitation therapists to be trained accordingly.

  • Level 1 is the Lumbo-pelvic Stabilisation course. The course runs over 2 days.

This is the first in this series of four Rehabilitation Pilates equipment training courses. 32 movements for training lumbo-pelvic stabilisation on Pilates based equipment will be learnt through self-participation, practice teaching and observation.

  • Level 2 is the Scapulo-thoracic stabilisation course. The course runs over 2 days.

This course builds upon the movements, understanding, cueing skills and exercise selection framework of Equipment level 1. Theory and practical workshops review functional and surface anatomy of the scapulo-thoracic region.

  • Level 3 is the Spinal Articulation and Stretching course. The course runs over 2 days.

Equipment Level 3 focuses on flexion, extension, rotation and lateral flexion based movements as well as combined movements and stretches for the Reformer, Cadillac, Split Pedal Chair and Barrels. Participants will learn a further 24 movements through observation, self-practice and practice teaching.

  • Level 4 is the Progressions and Planning course. The course runs over 2 days.

The final stage of the Rehabilitation Pilates equipment series provides therapists with 30 movements to enable patients and clients to progress to functional and high level rehabilitation using the Pilates equipment. These progressively more challenging exercises complete the rehabilitation program. Workshops on posture, posture assessment, Pilates assessment and programme planning are designed to provide participants with skills in all aspects of teaching Pilates.

  • APPI Equipment Certification Exam

Upon completion of Equipment Levels 1-4 students are eligible to sit the APPI Equipment certification exam. The exam consists of two parts: A 60 minute written exam consisting of multiple choice and short answer questions on movement application, modification and contraindication and a 60-minute practical exam on the design, application and teaching of a Pilates programme.

You will receive full APPI Equipment Certification upon completion of all the levels and Certification Exam.

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Reformer Pilates courses (Back to top)

A newer addition to our Equipment Certification Series, the Reformer Series presents ninety-five beginner, intermediate and advanced original and APPI inspired Reformer exercises. Devised for those looking to incorporate Equipment based Pilates into their rehabilitation programmes whilst maximising on space and minimising on spending.

  • Reformer Unit 1

The first of three units in our Reformer Series. Unit 1 presents the five key APPI elements, beginner and inter reformer movements, application of the APPI Pilates screen and clinical application in one to one settings.

  • Reformer Unit 2

Unit 2 will build upon beginner and inter reformer movements learnt in Unit 1 and apply the use of the Pilates small equipment to movements. Teaching skills and class planning techniques for small groups are also introduced.

  • Reformer Unit 3

The final unit in the Reformer series introduces one to one case study discussion and class planning techniques for specific populations.

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Pilates Special Population courses (Back to top)

Following Matwork or Equipment Pilates training, it is our firm belief that all APPI teachers should continue the Pilates learning process throughout their career. APPI teaching and courses are continually reviewed and updated by our team of experts. It is important that instructors have access to the same up to date knowledge through on-going training. Similarly, APPI works tirelessly to develop new continued education courses so as to expand the scope of expertise available. To further this goal our international team of Presenters frequently conduct special population continued education courses for the APPI.

Special Populations Rehab Series (Back to top)

  • Ante & Post Natal Pilates (2 day course)

These courses are designed specifically for those who wish to learn more about the application of Pilates in Pregnancy and the post-natal setting. Lectures on the physiological and biomechanical changes that occur during pregnancy, the postural changes and considerations, SPD, labour, post-natal recovery and precautions and contra-indications to exercise in pregnancy are presented.

  • 3D Standing Pilates Level 1 (2 day course)

3D Standing Pilates is an evolutionary method which advances the essential Pilates principles into more functional upright positions. This two day foundation course introduces a theoretical 3D Standing Pilates model and teaches a series of 3D Standing Pilates movements to address balance, ROM, myofascial control and neural dynamics in standing.

  • Pilates & Shoulder Rehabilitation (1 day course)

This one-day course is designed to help you apply the principles of the APPI method to shoulder rehabilitation. The course will include a review of current theories of shoulder stability and consider how Pilates exercises may be used to enhance this specific area of shoulder retraining. The practical element will introduce some new exercises and modifications from your existing repertoire incorporating principles of kinetic chain, upper quadrant and scapular stability as well as functional re-training.

  • Pilates & Osteoporosis (1 day course)

This exciting and innovative 1 day course investigates the concept that osteoporosis is the next epidemic to hit the healthcare industry. The course will cover the epidemiology, prevalence and incidence of osteoporosis both worldwide and specifically in the UK. Reviewing the bone building matrix that occurs from childhood through to adulthood, the theory component will ensure you have a thorough understanding of the development of osteoporosis, and the latest research available. The practical component looks at APPI’s 12-step bone building program that has been designed to address the main areas that osteoporotic fractures occur.

  • Neuro Pilates (1 day course)

This course applies the Pilates principles covered in Matwork Level 1 to the neurological client. Lectures review principles of neuroplasticity, motor learning and postural control to develop clinical reasoning in a theoretical and physiological context.

  • Pilates & the Arc Barrel (1 day course)

Discover how the arc barrel is a great rehabilitative tool for those recovering from stress, tension or injury and how they make a safe, supportive surface for deep muscle stretching. These lightweight and easily portable barrels can be used to increase or decrease the challenge to the body and are ideally used for rehab to assist matwork exercises.

  • Reformer on the Mat using the Pilates Tube (1 day course)

This one day course taught is ideal for those who may want to expand their Pilates knowledge by learning movements from the reformer series but don’t have access to this piece of equipment. A wide range of Reformer movements are newly adapted to the Mat using a Pilates Tube Band with handles to help target muscles and assist to maintain your form & control.

  • All the Small Balls (1 day course)

This one day workshop focuses on incorporating the use of the Pilates Soft Balls, Weighted Balls and Massage Balls into select exercises from the APPI Matwork Series. The Pilates Balls can be used to train greater quality of movement, target specific muscle groups, increase positional and movement awareness and facilitate a series of massage and release techniques. Variations and special consideration to the Pilates exercises as it relates to injuries and rehabilitation will be taught to provide practitioners with the knowledge and skills to selectively prescribe the movements.

  • Pilates & Small Equipment (1 day course)

This one day course adds variety and challenge to your Pilates programmes by incorporating the Magic Circle and the Foam Roller. The Magic Circle adds a strength and endurance component to your Pilates repertoire whilst the Foam Roller enables you to incorporate balance, co-ordination and sequenced movement patterns into your rehabilitation programmes.

  • Pilates & Scoliosis (1 day course)

This dynamic one day seminar will be a mix of theory and practical sessions on the use of Pilates in the management of Scoliosis. Over the course of the day you will review the history of Scoliosis, its incidence and development and how it has become one of the most prevalent issues facing Physiotherapists and Pilates teachers alike. The difference between congenital and idiopathic scoliosis will be discussed, along with the mix between C-curve and S-curve deformities of the spine and their differing challenges. Following this, you will be guided through the APPI’s step by step program of how to deliver a successful in clinic scoliosis session, as well as a specific home exercise program.

  • Pilates for Children and Young People (1 day course)

This one day course applies the APPI Pilates Method principles to children and young people. Physical activity in children helps to prevent obesity, type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease, depression, cancer and ultimately improves musculoskeletal and bone health. The workshop will review key APPI elements on posture and how to relate this to children and young people, design a programme for class session for children of various ages and appropriate the use of small equipment for children.

  • Introduction to Strength and Conditioning (2 day course)

This two day workshop is aimed at providing health professionals with the clinical and practical tools to guide their clients through clinically reasoned Strength and Conditioning programs. Covering the physiological adaptations to training, the biomechanics of strength training, and key concepts of program design, therapists will learn how to guide their clients beyond injury management, towards high end rehabilitation and fitness. Exercises will cover the lower and upper limbs, back and abdominal training, using a broad range of resistance options including bodyweight, dumbbells, resistance bands, and various forms of free weights.

  • Matwork One Day Refresher Course (1 day course)

A one day course designed to give you the opportunity to get to grips with the most up to date theory, lectures and research advancing our Certification series. A great way to prepare for your Certification exam or simply fortify and invigorate your knowledge with a day of theory and practical repertoire revision.

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Special Population Performance Series (Back to top)

  • Pilates & Horse Riders (1 day course)

The Pilates method is well-suited to develop and improve rider fitness and function. Strength, balance and flexibility form the foundation of Pilates for Riders and improvements in these areas allow for a fluid body motion with the horse – ultimately leading to a better rider and horse partnership. Recreational or competitive level, Pilates can help to improve riding skills and the communication between horse and rider.

  • Pilates for Dancers Level 1 (1 day course)

This one day introductory course presents the essential elements of dance, requirements of the dancer and the demands of regime to provide a broad understanding of Pilates based dance rehabilitation. A series of essential movements on the mat and Pilates machines are taught to provide the basis for prevention and rehabilitation programmes for healthier dancers.

  • Pilates for Skiers (1 day course)

This one day course will provide you with a functional problem solving approach and ski specific Pilates exercises to address your clients needs. In addition to reviewing classic skiing posture, you will consider skiing demands and identify common postural & movement imbalances that may contribute to poor ski technique and injury risk.

  • Performance Pilates for Cyclists (1 day course)

This one day workshop explores the use of Matwork and small equipment Pilates exercises to improve the skill, strength and performance of cyclists. On the course you will review the biomechanics and key physical attributes of cyclists, as well as the typical injuries seen and their contributing factors. Applying sound training principles, explore the development of a high level, cyclists specific Pilates programme.

  • Performance Pilates for Runners (1 day course)

This one day workshop explores the use of Matwork and small equipment Pilates exercises to improve the skill, strength and performance of the running client. This course explores the biomechanical and physiological requirements for successful running and suitable Pilates exercises aimed at improving running performance. Aimed at the healthy and fit client, the exercises covered will enable you to develop an effective, high level Pilates running program.

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