1″ Pilates Head Cushion


Used to support and position the body for optimum alignment, the new and improved 1″ head cushion with a removable cover is made of extremely durable 100% Nylon 200 Denier Packcloth.  It is wipe-able and water resistant and can easily be wiped down in between patients or clients.  It is still soft on the skin, non-allergenic, and washable.

100% Made in the USA – foam, covers and embroidered label!


Dimensions: 300mm x 200mm x 1 inch (25mm)

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Use the Pilates 1 inch head pad to support the head and neck when lying on back, or when lying on the stomach, it can be used either under the forehead or under the stomach to support the low back and diminish lordosis. In sidelying, place between arm and head for optimum support and head alignment.  The head pad can also be used for support under the hands and knees and can be placed under the lower back to help release hip flexors and maintain neutral alignment.