Barre Control Method


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The barrecontrol™ methods teacher training program is one of the most comprehensive certification programs in the industry. A 4-stage, 7-module, program that is available as a fully online program for ease of access worldwide.

barrecontrol™ aims to set the standard for barre certification training and barre products around the world by ensuring dedication to the technique of the exercises and the quality of the teacher training program that accompanies the barrecontrol™ method. With over 30 years of experience in the professional dance world and 20 years of experience in movement re-education, the barrecontrol™ team provide one of the most well qualified foundations to base its method on.


*13.5 CEU’s for Texas Phyiscal Therapists

About the course creators 

Elisa Withers is one of the world’s foremost experts on Physiotherapy based Pilates programmes and Dance Medicine. Elisa was the head Physiotherapist for the APPI’s contract with the English National Ballet for over 10 years and has worked as the lead Physiotherapist for Dance Medicine and Pilates services at the Victorian College of the arts, Royal Ballet School, London Studio Centre and much more. An expert on dance related injuries and Pilates programs for the elite dancer.

From there, along side San Diego Ballet Company Professional dancer, Pilates master trainer and Doctor of Physical Therapy Kirsten Roberts, she created the Barre Control Online Course! The course is taught fully by Kirsten Roberts via the online content.


What is barre?

Barre is a workout technique inspired by elements of ballet, dance and Pilates, that focuses on low-impact, high intensity movements designed to strengthen and tone your body. It’s designed to be a full-body workout broken into different sections that focus on major muscle groups including the arms, thighs, glutes, and core, working the muslces through small targeted movements, high repetition, and light weight or resistance.

What is the barrecontrol™ method?

barrecontrol™ is unique in its focus on the quality of the movements performed at the barre and on the floor and as such delivers outstanding results for our clients and our teachers. You begin your barrecontrol™ session by being taken through the key elements of ballet technique as taught to professional dancers. This allows you to truly understand the intricacies of the ballet technique and it is this attention to detail that delivers the perfect ballet posture and body that barrecontrol™ delivers.
barrecontrol™ is a lot more than just a barre workout, it is a way of life. It will teach you to not only look better from the ballet body point of view, but to hold yourself with the poise and confidence of professionally trained dancers and pilates teachers all over the world

5 barrecontrol™ master trainer classes. 5 x 50 minute class (Total Approx. 5 hours viewing time) Begin with your own at home barrecontrol™ Master Class with co-creator Kirsten Roberts. Enjoy this 50 minute master class that will give you a true sense of what a barrecontrol™ class will look and feel like. We ask to complete this class 5 times before progressing onto the teaching elements to allow yourself and your body to truly feel what the barrecontrol™ method can do for you. Make sure you log this into your log book as part of your practice hours for the certification. Once this is completed and your log book filled in you begin the teaching sections of the program.
Module 1: Introduction to barrecontrol™ Approx. viewing time 3 hours. In this introductory module you will have both a theory and a practical program to follow. Theory – In this online theory section you will review basic anatomy of the ballet posture and specifics related to the teaching of the barrecontrol™ concept. Practical – Begin your journey into barrecontrol™ with a practical session on the basics of ballet posture and movement

Module 2: Warm Up flows Approx. viewing time 40 minutes. Once you have mastered the basic of the ballet posture and learnt the fundamental movements and positions of barrecontrol™ you progress your training to begin creating the essential flows that will form your warm up in a barrecontrol™ class. This section will teach you 5 different warm up flows and then put it all together with a sample warm up to music.

Module 3: Floor Barre Exercises Approx. viewing time 1 hour 30 minutes. In this module we take you onto the floor and explore all the relevant floor barre movements to include variety, mobility, strengthening and toning exercise away from the barre that give the dancer that specifically toned and shaped body.

Module 4: Ab flows Approx. viewing time 1 hour. In this module you challenge the abdominal strength, tone and endurance of your barrecontrol™ class. We have a range of abdominal focussed movements for you to learn and to master as a crucial part of your barrecontrol™ class.

Module 5: Leg flows Approx. viewing time 2 hours. In this module you progress your learning with classical ballet leg and foot positions that form the basis of the leg strengthening section of your barrecontrol™ classes. It is here that the true toning effect of ballet barre work comes to the fore and will be one of the most challenging sections of your training program.

Module 6: Hip and back flows Approx. viewing time 30 minutes Fire up those glutes as barrecontrol™ hits the hip and back to get a toned, sculpted and ballet ready bottom, thighs, waist and lower back. Become stronger and more stable through these key areas of posture and movement control and continue your path to the ballet body.

Module 7: Stretching and Articulation Approx. viewing time 45 minutes. In this final module we investigate the ways barrecontrol™ can stretch and mobilise your body to keep it fluid, mobile, graceful and lengthened just like in the true ballet world. Many barre programs only focus on the strength and tone element and as a result miss some crucial aspects to truly achieving the ballet body.

barrecontrol™ master trainer class Duration – 50 minutes Head back to the start of your journey and undertake your barrecontrol™ Master Class once more. This time you will be more familiar with the movements, the flows, the sequencing, the terminology. Use this as your chance to really finesse your own practice and start to prepare yourself for your certification.

Log book requirements:

You will have to complete a log book to track your self – practice and study. For this certification the log requirements are:

• 5 x barre control classes

• 50 hours of self – practice study

• 10 hours of practice teaching


On completion of all your modules you will be required to submit a video of yourself teaching a barrecontrol™ class. Along with the video of your teaching you will also be required to submit a detailed class plan for your certification. You will design a 50-minute barrecontrol™ class that incorporates aspects of all 7 modules and shows your understanding of teaching and teacher specific cues and flows that you have learnt throughout the program. Please deliver this direct to camera and have at least 1 other person in your class to show us your teaching techniques. You will be marked on your session planning, demonstration, movement quality, feedback (verbal, tactile and visual imagery)

Certification Course costs: $450

This includes over 10 hours of professionally shot studio quality videography of our online content as well as a fully illustrated and professional photographed online teacher training manual.

This course is aimed at all movement teachers, dance teachers, personal trainers, physiotherapists and anyone with experience in the health and fitness industry.
Allied Health Professionals | Certified Pilates Teacher | Qualified Yoga Teacher | Level 2 Exercise to music Qualified Personal Trainer | Qualified Dance Teacher | Group Fitness Instructor