Clinical Matwork Certification Level 3 ONLINE Course


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Course Outline

The third and final level in the Matwork Pilates training series which focuses on the intermediate and advanced movements in the APPI repertoire. This two day course builds upon the movements, understanding, cueing and exercise selection from Matwork Level One and Two and progresses you to the final part of your matwork training. The conversion from beginner to more advanced movements will facilitate the unique shift from just stability and movement control work to higher level strength and conditioning. This progression from rehabilitation to full health and fitness is a crucial process to achieve your clients’ goals of a full recovery.

Beyond just rehabilitation, the APPI Pilates program is a career changing process. This final course in the series allows you to be competent in working not just with injured clients, but to feel confident working with elite sports people, gym based clients, corporate wellness and much more besides as a well rounded and fully trained Pilates Teacher (on completion of certification exam).

What will be covered in this course?

APPI’s Matwork Level Three course progresses your Matwork Level One and Two exercises to the next levels of the movements you have learnt previously. By now you will be well aware of APPI’s unique level based system whereby we have 4-6 levels of each of the 34 traditional Pilates exercise. On Level Three you will progress the exercises taught at Level One to the higher levels of these exercises. In additional you will add a further 11 new exercises to progress your clients strength, flexibility and mobility.

Learning Outcomes:

At the conclusion of this program, the learner will be able to:

  • Use static APPI Pilates exercises at an intermediate level
  • Use dynamic APPI Pilates exercises at an intermediate level
  • Use rotary stability APPI Pilates exercises at an intermediate level
  • Use controlled strength APPI Pilates exercises at an intermediate level
  • Use strength and conditioning APPI Pilates exercises at an advanced level
  • Describe motor learning
  • Describe how motor learning effects teaching skills
  • Recognize how to better communicate with clients
  • Identify how to maximize rapport with clients
  • Use motor learning to help you choose the best methods for cueing exercises
  • Use observation as part of your Pilates teaching to optimize your treatment outcomes
  • Use communication as part of your Pilates teaching to optimize treatment outcomes
  • Design clinically reasoned fitness based Pilates programs for clients

    Matwork 3 Schedule       

    ONLINE COURSE – When you purchase the Online Course, you get a 7-day access of your choice (Monday – Sunday 8am – 11pm UK time). Within this time you can watch, stop, start, pause as many times as you want.     


    Day 1

    Intermediate APPI Pilates class

    Exercise revision: MW1 and 2

    Intermediate APPI Pilates exercises

    Workshop 1 The art of cueing practical


    Day 2

    Intermediate/Advanced APPI Pilates class.

    Continuation of intermediate APPI Pilates exercises

    Workshop 2: The Sequencing Challenge

    Intermediate and advanced APPI Pilates exercises

    Classical Pilates Exercises

    The 10 minute Ab workout—who can last.

    Program planning—a review of how to plan a well run Pilates session.

    Certification review and discussion

    You must have attended APPI’s Pilates for Rehabilitation – Matwork Level 1 in order to attend this course.

    This course is open to:

    • Physical Therapists
    • Physical Therapist Assistants
    • Athletic Trainers
    • Exercise Physiologists
    • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists
    • Occupational Therapists
    • Occupational Therapy Assistants
    • Third Year Physical Therapy Students

    Physical Therapists/Physical Therapist Assistants: This course is approved by the following:

    Many other states may accept credits awarded by the above state boards. Please check with your state licensing board to determine whether the course qualifies for credit in your state. Please note that due to the changing nature of state continuing education requirements, APPI suggests that you contact your state physical therapy association or licensing board for the most current information on continuing education and other rules and regulations.

    *Please give us 30 day notice to get CA approval through CPTA.

    Athletic Trainers: APPI is Board of Certification, Inc., (BOC) Approved Provider.  This course has been approved for 14 continued education hours for Athletic Trainers. BOC Approved Provider number P10086.

    Personal Trainers/ Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists APPI courses are not automatically approved by the NSCA, however if you would like to attend this course, you are able to self-submit received NSCA CEUs.

    Exercise Physiologists ‘The ACSM Certification & Registry Department will recognize CECs, CMEs or CEUs awarded by other professional health and fitness or clinical organizations for attending their programs without it being pre-approved or endorsed by the ACSM Education Department. These are considered “non-ACSM endorsed programs.” You must obtain documentation from that organization verifying attendance and the number of CECs earned.’

    If you require accreditation through another governing body or within another state, or require any further information please email

    Pilates Equipment

    All of our courses are heavily practical based, and we ask that if possible that you have a Pilates Mat and Pilates Head Cushion or a towel that that you can roll up for both days, this is not essential for you to complete the course and gain your certificate of attendance.

    Please ensure that you have a space that is clear of items so you can follow along with the practical elements of the course.

    If you do have any other Pilates equipment please make this available for your course e.g. Pilates soft ball, Pilates band, Pilates magic circle.

    The presenter will be demonstrating the modifications of the exercises and it is useful if you are able to experience all parts of the practical content, the full list of equipment that will be used in the course is below:

    1 x 3” Head Pad

    1 x 1” Head Pad

    1 x Swiss Ball

    1 x Massage Ball

    1 x Heavy Strength Resistance Band (Leg Band)

    1 x Light Strength Resistance Band (Arm Band)

    ** It is not essential for you to have this equipment to partake and complete the course.

    If you do wish to purchase any Pilates equipment for the course, we have set up a dedicated page for you to order the equipment including a special 25% discount code you can use at check out.

    25% dicsount code:  MW3Online

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    After viewing this online course you will be required to pass a multiple choice test. The pass mark for this test is 80%.

    It is very relevant as most of PT patients will need to improve core stabilization, glut and abdominal strength and the exercises are nicely graded to provide a path for growth but not to discourage anyone from doing them due to difficulty level. I love the safety component built into it as the exercises are graded.

    –Agnieszka B, Sept. 2020


    “I have changed the way I approach core strengthening and more aware of positioning of the client to get the optimum results” –Tamera B, Sept. 2020


    “The course is wonderful! It really connected all the dots and allowed me to feel more confident in not only my practice but in my ability to teach others.” –Sabrina M, Sept. 2020


    Medical Disclaimer

    Neither the APPI nor any of its International Representatives, course organizer or hosts, accept any responsibility for any bodily harm that may arise during or after attendance on APPI courses.

    APPI Training Courses

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    Equipment and Reformer Series Cancellations and Transfers: Cancellations and transfers are accepted with written notice 14 days prior to the start date. There is a admin fee of 20% of the original payment per cancellation or transfer. Once you are within 14 days of the course start date, no cancellations, transfers or refunds will be permitted.

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    Pregnancy Guidelines: In the first trimester, all courses should be suitable for an uncomplicated pregnancy. This is providing that you exercise pre-pregnancy and have discussed this with you GP / Midwife. However, with the exception of our Ante & Post Natal course, we would generally recommend against participating in courses after the 1st trimester, as you will not be able to experience all the movements yourself during this time.
    Please view our full pregnancy guidelines by clicking here or by visiting our resource centre.

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