Matwork Certification Exam – Video Submission


Please click the link above to purchase the exam – keep in mind that the dates on the APPI Healthgroup website are in the UK format (Day/Month/Year) not the US format (Month/Day/Year) and that you will purchase the exam in Pounds not Dollars.  All other US based courses, classes and products can be purchased directly on the APPI America website in dollars.  If you have questions pertaining to the international exam please email, if you have any other questions, please email

The APPI Certification Exam Structure Overview: 

The exam consists of 2 components: a Theory exam and a Practical Exam.

Theory exam

The theory exam is a 60-minute multiple-choice paper. This exam will be taken online, and you will receive a link to access it on the week of your scheduled practical video exam. Upon booking your Matwork Certification Exam, you will receive a list of the contents for this exam along with all the instructions on how to prepare for it.

Practical exam

For your practical exam you will need to complete a case study (made available to you upon booking) and film a 30-minute practical session, whereby you teach a partner a fluid and structured Pilates session, following the systems and sequences you have learnt with the APPI programme. Your Exam Submission letter will include all the relevant information about your practical exam structure and content. The date listed on the website is the DUE DATE.  Therefore – in order to get your case study filled out, we strongly suggest that you book the exam with plenty time in advance to ensure that you are able to submit everything by the due date.