Post Natal Return to Pilates and Sports



Now you can see online footage of APPI’s 2016 Pilate conference workshops in the comfort of your own home. This 2 hour online conference workshop is delivered by APPI’s Women’s Health Master Trainer and Physiotherapist Biljana Kennaway.

Post Natal Return to Pilates and Sports

This workshop will outline physiological changes in the postpartum period and discuss the abdominal and pelvic floor recovery following childbirth. An important part of recovery and return to sport is to understand and consider natural healing times esp. of the pelvic floor trauma, tears and elongated and weakened abdominals.  With this in mind, this workshop aims to enhance our reasoning for selecting the right modified Pilates exercises, motivate new mothers to commit to exercise whilst overcoming known barriers to exercise during this childbearing period.

When it is safe for instructors to start an exercise and which modified Pilates movements should we prescribe? How hard or slow we should encourage our mums to work on their exhausted and healing bodies in their first 3 months postpartum?

At the end of this session the instructors will have better understanding of healing times, be able to screen and look for signs when to slow down as well as safely and slowly return them to high impact, high intensity sports.
It will be largely practical session and it may involve some small people in our arms and very noisy class.

You will receive unlimited access to this workshop and be able to watch it as many times as you like!

Viewing Time
Total viewing time = 1 hours 52 minutes

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