Postnatal Pilates to restore your tummy and pelvic floor with Jessica Kostos




Class Level: Post Natal Pilates

Instructor: Jessica Kostos

Equipment Used: Jute Pilates Mat, Soft Ball & Pilates Band

Length: 49 mins

Class Description: Jessica Kostos, Women’s Health Physiotherapist, presents a Pilates class to restore your tummy muscles and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles post-natal. It is specifically designed for women to participate from 6 weeks post-natal (including Caesarean section), ideally after a check-up from your GP or Women’s Health Physiotherapist. Jessica recommends that all new mothers have an assessment with a Women’s Health Physiotherapist at 6 weeks to check they are contracting their pelvic floor muscles correctly and to assess their tummy muscles for a diastasis recti.