APPI Presenter – USA

Dr. Misty Austin, PPDPT, MPhty, BKin graduated from the University of Queensland (Australia) with her Master of Physiotherapy Studies.  Additionally, her education includes a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology, a Doctorate in hand and upper extremity therapy, comprehensive mat and equipment Pilates certification, and extensive training and expertise in manual therapy.

It was at the University of Queensland that she was introduced to evidence based postural stabilization, studying under Gwen Jull, Paul Hodges, and Julie Hides.  This knowledge motivated her to commence her Pilates education whilst in Australia.  Upon moving to the United States to work full-time as a physical therapist, Misty went in pursuit of continuing her Pilates studies with fitness-Pilates coursework offered in America.  It was in 2013 that she found the combination of physiotherapy and Pilates that she was looking for with the Australian Physiotherapy & Pilates Institute.  This experience inspired her to bring comprehensive APPI coursework to America.

Dr. Misty is also the founder and creator of Performance Art Athletics which was birthed out of seeing a multitude of preventable injuries among artistic athletes.  She felt a moral obligation to create a service that would empower individuals with safe science-based movement.  She is passionate about what she does and has dedicated her life to health, healing, and fitness.  She believes it should be safe and enjoyable for all.  For fun she loves instructing pole fitness, dancing and training aerial arts.

As an APPI Advocate and avid presenter of a wide range of courses, Dr. Misty loves to teach what she is passionate about to health professionals in North America and world-wide.