APPI Presenter – USA
Kirsten Roberts graduated in 2010 from the University of Saint Augustine for Health Sciences with her Doctorate
in Physical Therapy. Her interest in Physical Therapy began at a young age with a small injury she sustained
while dancing. She continued to dance professionally with San Diego Ballet and Southern California Ballet, and
continued to see dancers injured without access to health care professionals who understood the particular
demands of their field. This lead to a desire to fill that void and a passion not only for dancing, but for educating
and treating dancers as well.
As a dancer, she had much exposure to Pilates growing up, and always enjoyed the movement experience.
However, it wasn’t until getting introduced to APPI that everything seemed to fit together so well. “The APPI
approach is just so well thought out, evidence based, and appropriate for every patient I treat, no matter the level
or injury.”
Kirsten was quick to become certified through the APPI method and now presents many courses throughout the US and abroad. “It is easy to teach something you are so passionate about and believe in so much.”
Kirsten has taught ballet since the age of 17 and has her Cecchetti Ballet Associate Teaching Certificate as well
as her Cecchetti Diploma for dancing. She is the Chair of the Dance Department at the California State Summer School for the Arts, and teaches Ballet, Injury Prevention, Nutrition, and Pilates.
“I have always had a passion for dancing, teaching and learning, it has since blossomed into a passion for
educating, treating, and sharing my knowledge with not only patients, but other healthcare professionals. I
believe the APPI method is an extremely valuable tool and an exercise approach that is achievable and
appropriate for just about every setting and every level of client. I just love how all my worlds have collided so
well into a perfect puzzle that I am so passionate about.”
In her free time, Kirsten enjoys spending time with her husband, traveling and preaching, going on Missions trips
and getting to know her new home in Fort Worth, Texas.