We are jumping for joy!!

As the official providers of Physiotherapy at the English National Ballet!

APPI is extremely proud to be providing the Physiotherapy services to the English National Ballet for an interim period alongside our current Rehabilitation service.  We will be nursing swans, pirates, nutcrackers and much more back to good health over the coming months!  The spotlight is firmly on our expert Dance Physiotherapy team:

ENB Co-ordinator of services
Elisa Withers
B.Physio(hons.) MCSP

Firstly a ballet dancer and then a Physiotherapist and Pilates Instructor for 15 years.  Elisa has worked with the Royal Ballet School, English National Ballet, London Studio Centre and Victorian College of the Arts.  Elisa now manages the APPI contract and team at the ENB.

Head of Physiotherapy
Sarah Lindsey
MSc Advanced Neuromuscular Physiotherapist MCSP

An elite level acrobatic gymnast to Masters Physiotherapist, Sarah is the ideal leader of our clinical team.  Her advanced knowledge in Neuromusculoskeletal Physiotherapy along with her BSc in Physiotherapy and BSc in Sport Rehabilitation and Sport Science and basically anything in Physiotherapy makes her the perfect fit for the challenging full time Physio role at the ENB.

Natalie Rogalski
B.Physio MCSP

Having studied dance full time and performed for many years, Nat has the insider knowledge of dance movement, the understanding of the psyche of dancers and their world and a B.Physio behind her.  Nat, with her magician like abilities to facilitate effortlessly efficient movement, is and has been an enormous asset to the ENB for the past three years and is highly respected by the ENB medical team and dancers alike.

Rachael Kuik
BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy MCSP, AACP

Another dancer from the age of 4.  Rachael has extensive dance training across diverse genres along with a BSc in Physio which provides her with a wealth of personal experience and expertise in Dance Physio.  Rachael has been invaluable at the ENB for the last year and has ingrained herself as a vital part of the rehabilitation and welfare of the dancers.

Physiotherapist MCSP
Erin Riddell

Having trained in Classical, Contemporary, Jazz and Tap from a young age Erin has a broad understanding of the art form and what is required all the way from developing young dancers to professionals.  Erin draws from her 7 years of experience combining physiotherapy with clinical pilates to achieve amazing results when rehabilitating dancers from injury to full performance level.

Physiotherapist MCSP
Jacqueline Gurr
B.Physio MCSP

Jacqueline comes from an elite sport background herself and has integrated her personal experience with numerous sporting teams and athletes including Australian Rules football, football, triathlon, running, gymnastics, sailing, and has most recently been working with the Victorian State Women’s Hockey teams.  Jacqueline has a keen passion for sport based injuries and rehabilitation, preventative and functional movement training, musculoskeletal injuries and Pilates based therapy which will be fueled by her time at the English National Ballet.